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Starring: Jada Stevens, Sean Michaels, Isiah Maxwell

Tags:  Cuckold, 2 on 1, Brunette, Swallow, No Tattoos, Big Booty 

Movie description:

Degenerate gambler Jesse owns a bar, and he's about to get shaken down for the money he owes The Man. His girlfriend Jada is his barkeep, so she gets to deal with the Hired Guns -- Sean Michaels and his understudy Isiah Maxwell -- when they first walk into Jesse's joint. They're here for the 30 Large, and they're going to do whatever it takes to get it. Jesse's about to get fucked up in a bad way when Jada comes to his rescue. At Jesse's request, Jada will offer up her mouth and white pussy to the boys before she swallows both of their over sized loads. But don't think that's going to get Jesse off the hook...you know they'll be back, and you know they'll get another taste of Jada Stevens...which doesn't bother her one bit!

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Jada Stevens

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    the comparison between huge black cock and white dick is fantastic...more like this dogfart!

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    As a fellow submissive cocksucking bitch, I love this scene. Jada does her job perfectly! I too thoroughly enjoy having the man who is fucking my mouth hold my head as he fucks my face and orders my compliance...even more exciting is having a second man to service hold my head and pass me back and forth between them. Two loads of cum to savor and swallow! ...read more

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    Please book more of Jada Stevens!!!!!

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    Hott girl but you guys need to send your still photographer for a course on focusing and depth of field! Yikes... what a bunch of CRAPPY images!

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    virgolee****:Jada, Sean & Isaiah are on fire!!!

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    best ass in porn. none better

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    Cuckoldsessions is a site I don't watch but I love Jada Stevens. Thank God she didn't let this scene get gay

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    Wow she has a great ass! Would have loved more humiliation of the cuck and an anal creampie with cleanup!

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    She's been around for a while now, but knows how to deliver without being contrived or routine.

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    luv the way they man handle this fuck pig and that they stripped her bare feet

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    @napql**** Exactly why there's contention. You don't care about the cuckold fetish and are just here to muddy the waters with your generic opinion of "I like black men and white women having sex on cam". That's great for every other single fucking site on this network.... but this one. It's a cuckold site. Do I need to start drawing pictures or diagrams here? Maybe a pie chart to show the ratio of actual cuckolding scenes to non-cuckolding scenes? It's like 1000:1. So, a 0.1% share of the network for cuckolds... neato! Pfft... ...read more

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    Wow her ass is exquisite in those shorts! The guys need to eat that pussy from behind with that soft, squishy plush ass on their nose. One sniff of that fantastic fanny and I'd be hard for weeks. She looks hot getting skewered by those long black dicks especially doggy style. Who cares about cuckold bullshit this girls is smoking hot and she takes 2 blacks dicks like a champ! Love her! ...read more

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    I agree with the above comments. A bit of an over-analysis, but the take-away is solid: there is very little cuckolding lately on Cuckold Sessions. It's extremely watered down. It's impossible to satisfy every preference (e.g., I myself hate when the bulls interact with the cucks--I prefer they be silent, which is one reason I can't stand any of Shane's scenes), so I was initially gratified that DF started changing things up in order to appeal to more people. But any more, it's almost a stretch to see new CS scenes in the Hotwife category, let alone as cuckolding. I really wish DF would go back to size comparison/humiliation, chastity, dirty cuckold talk & taunting and include clean ups. I'll get some things I don't much care for in the process (e.g., forced fem or something), but at least the scenes will resemble the fetish the site is named for. ...read more

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    I have subscribed to this site for two cocks ... Jason Brown and Isiah . And i have NEVER been disappointed ! Those extra tight circumcisions ! All those veins ! I would give anything to lick that last drop of cum !!!! MORE PLEEEEEZZZZZZ ! ...read more

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    Jada is terrific but there needs to be more interaction between the girl and cuckold. There needs to be more humiliation of the cuckold from the girl.

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    Attitude is Queen... JADA STEVENS IS A QUEEN GODDESS !!!

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    Pretty face can suck the hell out of a dick and eats cum like its her last meal. Welcome back. She has a cute butt maybe.

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    I honestly don't get this one at all. The cuckolding elements are super few and far between. The cock size comparisons were fairly lackluster insofar as humiliation but were probably the most cuckold-like parts. This is also the first scene without Shane where I can easily say the black studs did more cuckolding than the girl. They actually did a decent job of acting their parts and were the only ones that kept me from forgetting this was a cuckolding scene.... which it only barely is. Like when Sean tells Jesse to hold Jada's head while she sucks his bbc or has him wear the bra on his head (which should have been humiliating but just wasn't at all due to a complete lack of reaction from anyone) but very few other things. It technically has some facets of the fetish but the heart of this is nowhere near the mark. The premise was also stale and didn't make much sense and was pretty non-relatable, to me anyway. No one I know would side-step $30k for a slice of white meat when black men like Sean and Isiah can, and clearly do, get all the white pussy they can fit into their schedules already and for free. Jada may be a porn star but, as far as cuckolding goes, she doesn't seem to understand the fetish either. In fact, if you watch the BTS footage, not a single person involved in this shoot is even into cuckolding at all. What does one then expect as the outcome? The lighting was also sub-par for a lot of the scene and Jada even mentions it in the BTS footage. And one can't forget, (surprise! surprise!) not a single use of the word "white" when it comes to the white-boy "cuckold" or his puny, pink pud. Again, just tell me you won't do it and I'll stop asking but seeing as how it's been used in the past (Spring Thomas, Candy Monroe, even a couple of actual Cuckoldsessions!!!), I don't see why you consistently neglect the racial humiliation of the white-boys (like me). It's flabbergasting! Overall, this was just an interracial sex scene with a few sprinkles of semi-cuckoldry to qualify it as a cuckold session. I'm at the point where only hope keeps me coming back every 14 days... not faith or trust or the ratio of past successes to letdowns. I've been into cuckoldry for over 20 years so the cuckolding here needs to move forward, not backwards. Spring Thomas had some simply epic cuckolding scenes because she understood the fetish and was actually into it and so kept mentioning the viewer was a white-boy with a small, WHITE pee-pee. Sucks to have to go back to scratch the itch instead of looking forward to the next update but that's exactly where I head after each new cuckold session... to the Spring Thomas (true bbc cuckoldress) site... ...read more

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    I love jada stevens she's the best bring her back for a new glory hole


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