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Member Rating: 3.85 Tia Tanaka - Date Added: Thursday, 10/20/2022
Tia Tanaka couldn't drive herself to my mansion, (She's Asian, after all) so while sending a driver to get her I had some nose candy delivered. I opened the door to see one of the hottest Japanese sluts this side of the San Fernando Valley. I got to talking to her and found out that she had just gotten into the adult film industry and wanted me to take her under my wing. I was all for it but had to see if she could cut the mustard when it came to sucking pee pee's on camera. Since my sinuses were acting up I decided to give her a screen test as my nose inhaled some South American goodness. Tia Tanaka looked at my cock as if Godzilla had come back to ravage her village but she knew she had to suck me down until my balls slapped against her chin. My gigantic cock slammed against eh back of her throat while my nose sniffed about $1000 worth of "fine china." To test this slut's true dedication I placed all my body weight on top of her as she kept trying to siphon jizz from my hebrew national. The heavy breathing coming from this bad driver signaled me blast her mouth full of MSG. I escorted Tia from my house before she could realizes what exactly she went through. the only negative thing about getting blown by Asian sluts is that 30 minutes later you want to do it all over again. Bonzai!

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Member harke**** Said:
how low on the porn totem pole do you have to be to sleep with this guy.

Member puffe**** Said:
Tia Tanaka is hot, but I'ma have to agree with most everyone else and say kill this site for something better.

Member safew**** Said:
site would be better if when they are being fucked the girls say they prefer black cock

Member ohrya**** Said:
Everyone always gives a thumbs up to videos where the girl seems to really enjoy the scene. It's obvious that none of these girls would ever enjoy fucking this mess. Look at the ratings. I like girls being humiliated, but this is fucking dumb.

Member tstpa**** Said:
I totally disagree !! He is very funny in a strange way

Member Miche**** Said:
yuck that stinks, get him off of here!!!

Member limpd**** Said:
This site had a limited purpose which was to show people how truly disgusting these whores are and what little self-respect they have. That has been achieved. It's obvious that these girls are worthless pieces of dog shit. Now please end it. It's boring. It's disgusting. This fat, ugly, small limp-dicked loser is repulsive and a complete joke.

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