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Member Rating: 4.77 Kacey Kox - Date Added: Thursday, 07/30/2020
After a list of pathetic porn chicks I finally nailed one of a high caliber. Kacey left the business a few years earlier in hopes of leading a normal life? Fat chance, honey! You know how many diets I've been on only to gain the weight back? Sometimes you are who you are and you're another one of these worthless porn star sluts here to suck and fuck me for money that inevitably winds up in the hands of your suitcase pimp! Kacey came in with a vengeance as she slammed my head into a wall moments before my "pet iguana" was in her mouth and then her "retired" cunt. I can bet you that she'll never forget me and the cumshot I delivered to her.

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Member casey**** Said:
I love Kacey but that was discusting

Member eemar**** Said:
Kacey serves no purpose except to be a filthy whore. I'm glad to see her again doing what she's good at.

Member panty**** Said:
She is such a doll. I have seen her on B on B and really admire her girl next door appeal. Whats her last name? I want to find everything she has done.

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