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One minute I was talking shit about shoes and the next minute Jeanie Marie is hosing me down in the cold. Things like Jeanie Marie's subordination won't go unpunished since I'm the alpha male. Also, I have to send a message to other potential sluts that making a mockery of myself won't go unanswered for. At first glimpse Jeanie looks like the girl next door. That is, if you live next door to a rehab clinic and the girls there blow you for $10 and bus tokens. Nevertheless, I knew I had to stick my cock inside Jeanie's mouth and pussy before she hit the wall completely. We went inside and she sucked on my baby-making giant as my teeth broke down the latest in culinary masterpieces. She then proceeded to ride my cock as I stretched her butt cheeks apart for a better viewing of that dick pulverizing her womb. We fucked all over the room until my brain told me to blast her full of goo and get her out before she could remember the numbers on my door. My dick still smells like a mixture of cinnamon and bleach. Stupid ,fucking sluts!

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Member jtrai**** Said:
If this is a 10 then I must have dozed off during the scene. This girl is cute as hell but there isn't enough to make me come back to this site. She had the perfect oppurtunity to make this clip better by rimming this dude.

Member black**** Said:
this site proves that any guy can get any just have to have MONEY.

Member easyg**** Said:
maybe it takes all kinda but this series aint gettin it for this ol boy

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