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You've seen Jasmine Tame on numerous sites but you haven't seen her truly earn a slut's paycheck. She's normally fucking some anorexic-looking homo and not some manly man such as myself. I transformed into Super Minion so that I wouldn't go ape shit once she showed me those delicious fat titties that her bras is lucky enough to house. She has an ounce you could bounce a quarter off of which made it difficult for me not to jam my super rod up her shit pipe. She slobbed my knob as my nose powder raced past my sinuses and nailed my brain with a rush that nearly knocked me off my feet. Jasmine Tame's mouth turned into a vacuum and my cock disappeared in her mouth even when my tongue tickled her clit as she was on top of me. Super Minion's daily ordeal wouldn't be complete until I slid my cock between tits that some Beverly Hills doctor did some work a few years prior. Like a starved bitch she unlocked her jaw to take my leaking oil well of goo and she swallowed every drop so my kids could swim in her stomach.

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Member Throw**** Said:
Wow, this dude is going straight to hell.

Member adeli**** Said:
Jasmine Tame really looks hot in this scene, I just don't care for any of these Minion scenes. This lady would look extremely hot & sexy the way she looks now working with any and/or all of the huge cocked black men throughout this network.

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