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She's sexy. she's stunning, and after I was done with her she was a member of The Witness Protection Program. Someone was telling her that the world of porn was filled with parties and non-stop money making ventures. She was w-r-o-n-g and I was there to make her world come crashing down. She needed to know right away that porn isn't a dating service and she'd have to work hard in order to keep a roof over her head, clothes on her back, and food in my stomach. She came to me with a smile on her face and left with the same look on her face that I had when my local BBQ restaurant went under. With a hard cock in my pants I showed mercy to the dumb little girl and gave the the honor of sucking my cock right before she could ride my cock. Did I enjoy myself? Absoultely I did. Did she have fun? I don't know nor do I care. All I know is that her pussy was tighter than the valves in my heart after a dozen pastrami sandwiches. I do remember the look of satisfaction on her face when I dumped my load on her tits. She wasted no time in chasing that check which I bet soon found its way up her nose.

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Member gator**** Said:
This is the finest bitch in all of porn. Period. I have just ONE other video of her and its AMAZING. Shes a blonde too.

Member drebe**** Said:
Good! fuck that bitch! She deserves creamed corn on her! Good job Minion!

Member pourv**** Said:
put her on BOB

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