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Much like going back to the buffet for a fourth time I went back to Haley Paige's mouth as many times. I normally don't bring back these diseased sluts but there was something about the way Haley could milk a dick like no other. There's something in the way her toned body (rivaled by mine) could be so flexible and do things to me that no circus acrobat could match. With my powdered goodness in hand and my dick in her mouth the mood was set for some cum guzzling times. I wish I could remember most of what went down but my " sponsor" told me that's one of the many downsides of snorting the good stuff. Stuffing my coin purse seemed like a good idea especially after I saw first hand as to how wide her mouth got. She sucked my dick as well as the last time and the pulsating pecker told me two things. First, the " nose candy" hadn't killed me. Second, it was an indicator that her fat titties were ready for a spraying. Nobody knows where Haley has gone but it's safe to say memories of my dick keep her up at nigh

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