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Holy shit, I hit the jackpot today. After going through hood rats and skanks I finally came across a slut worthy of my time and money. I saved some cash by having this mullet cut so I decided to splurge on some nose candy and cum sucking slut. Carissma Lynn called up my personal assistant looking for money to buy diapers for her mongloid kid. Being that I was in a giving mood I hit the ATM and got home in time to meet her at the door. I was in love but mainly lust since my raging 3 inches nearly ripped through my pants. She kneeled before the porn king,me, and used every drop of saliva in her mouth to drench my dick. I thought I saw God as she was blowing me but I was just having flashbacks of Colonel Sanders. I gave her my own secret recipe of Minion jizz and she slupred it up like a good slut.

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The minion is totally disgusting and I have never seen such a small dick in my entire life - and I have seen nad sucked a lot of dick; however, I was really turned on watching Carissma being "forced" to give him a blow job. Maybe because I love being forced to perform sexual acts too no matter what the guy looks like!

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